Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I trusted Masterton Homes and now I have to pay for it

According to the promises, Masterton homes provides fixed pricing and peace of mind. Be aware when signing the final contract with them. Here is the story.

Although I was kind of pre-warned by their poor customer focus, high level of internal buerocracy (which caused several month of delay between councl approval and commencement of building activities), I signed a contract to build a duplex to the total sum of about 480K. Never mind that a local builder was about 15% cheaper and much more customer focussed. I understood that there were some allowances that might be exceeded if there are unusual circumstances. Now I am learning that I am getting the first excess payment of 5,5K to remove the soil from excavating the foundation. That means that I have already exceeded my budget by 1% before even the slab has been poured. I am horrified of what will come next?
This is a deliberate practice of Masterton Homes, to hide excess pricing and to obtain an unfair competitive advantage over competitors. I will keep all new developments on excess charges posted on this blog.